Our Philosophy
As with most practitioners, Dr. Schram’s primary objective is to find the root of every patient’s problem. What is unique is the number of diverse disciplines that Dr. Schram brings into his practice. He is a scientist, holding a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, an Acupuncturist, a Chiropractor, and is trained in osteopathic Cranial-sacral and Visceral manipulations. But what Dr. Schram really enjoys is coupling his highly intuitive approach with his broad educational background.

On the concrete level, history, physical examination, palpation, pulse and tongue determine the objective source of the complaint. The combination of the pulse and tongue from the East and physical exam from the West provides many further insights into the nature of the disharmony. The true source of the problem may exist on many levels, and the key to success lies in understanding what level to treat each problem. This is the art of healing!

As a chiropractor, diversified adjusting techniques, is his forte, and with gifted hands, he carefully detects and corrects vertebral disharmonies. After all, skillful manipulation has always been the bedrock of a Chiropractic service. With over 15 years of experience in New York City, Dr. Schram is well known and respected, both within his professional community and the public.

To help his adjustments hold longer, Dr. Schram will often clear trigger points, or locate and free muscular adhesions in conjunction with the adjustment. These muscular problems can be the origin of many chronic complaints. And while this

type of treatment can occasionally cause discomfort as they are done, the ultimate relief is substantial and long lasting. Of course, not every problem requires this approach.

Sometimes the more gentle techniques of Cranial sacral and Visceral work are called for. Cranial sacral work examines the freedom of motion that lies within the membranes of the skull and spinal column. Using the lightest of fingertip pressure, Dr. Schram examines and releases very deeply rooted physical problems. As the release occurs, the tissues relax as their internal stress releases. It feels like a big sigh. Dr. Schram has been doing Cranial sacral work for 10 years, and is undergoing certification as a Cranial sacral therapist by the Upledger Institute. Some problems that respond very well include jaw problems, headaches and chronic stress. For stress, the relaxation effects can be quite profound, with highly stressed patients occasionally falling asleep during treatment.

Visceral manipulation, also an Osteopathic technique, relies on the concept that the internal organs must slide across each other without excessive restriction whenever the body moves or breathes. It is thought that these restrictions, in light of our 22,000 breaths per day, can limit the efficiency at which the organ works. Location and treatment of visceral restrictions requires a sensitive hand and an intuitive mind. Once the restriction is removed, the body feels lighter and suppler. Improvement in digestion and bowel function is frequently noticed immediately, although multiple sessions may be required in more complex cases.

Dr. Schram’s most recent educational overlay has been in a multi year study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM examines the patient with regard to the continuum of balance between Hot and Cold, Yin and Yang, Excess and Deficiency, Internal and External. While there is little direct correspondence of these concepts in Western Medicine, it is an approach that has survived and grown through the observations of thousands of Chinese doctors, across millions of patients over the last 6000 years. The end diagnostic result is a unique Pattern of Disharmony. Treatment, with Acupuncture or herbs, follows directly from this diagnosis. Treatments take about a half-hour, during which the patient is lying down comfortably.

The combination of skills that Dr. Schram brings to his practice is quite remarkable. There are probably only a handful of Chiropractors with dual licensure in Acupuncture in New York State, and few, if any other practitioners can boast of as rigorous an academic background. This collection of skills and experience allows Dr. Schram to work with you as a unique individual and to solve a wide variety of health concerns.

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