Steven B. Schram, Ph.D., D.C., L.Ac.
140 East 28th Street (1F)
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 696-4426
    L.Ac.     Diplomate
Gettysburg College, PA
University of Maryland
University of Georgia
Life University, Georgia
Natl Board Chiropractic Examiners
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Nat'l Commission Cert AOM
Nat'l Commission Cert AOM

Acupuncture Herbology
   Advanced Topics
Upledger Institute

Cranial-Sacral I & II
Visceral Manipulation
SomatoEmotional Release
Zero Point Balancing
  Chinese Medicine

Herbology Certification
Vision, Nutrition And Chinese Medicine
Mental Health and TCM
TCM Facial Rejuvenation
Constitutional Facial Renewal
Facial Rejuvenation with herbs
Meridian Energy Flow
Energetics of Structural Balance
Japanese Acupuncture

Neurotransmitters and the Brain (Apex Energetics))
  Work History
  2011-present Consulting Expert on Acupuncture Issues, Rivkin Radler, Attorneys at Law, 926 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY.
  2010-present Board Member - New York State Department of Education Acupuncture Licensing Board
  1984-present Private practice in Manhattan, specializing in Chiropractic care & Acupuncture
  1997-present Oxford HealthCare – Specialist Provider for Chiropractic & Acupuncture
  2006-present Board member & Past President of the Acupuncture Society of NY ASNY

  1982-present Founder and owner of a chiropractic office management software company HandyWorks Office Management Software. Patient Accounting, Billing, Scheduling, and more!
  1980-1984 Assistant Professor of Research, Life University. Duties included supervisory role for undergraduate research assistants, budgeting and planning, research, analysis, grant applications, and teaching research methodology.
  1979 Graham Perdue Post-Doctoral research fellow, Chemistry Department, University of Georgia. Duties included varied aspects of research in a large, well-funded analytical research laboratory.
  1973-1978 Research/teaching assistant, University of Maryland. Duties included doctoral research and undergraduate teaching a variety of chemistry classes including a senior level class on electronic interfacing and computer applications to chemical analysis.
  1970-1973 Computer Operator, Gettysburg College. Duties included operation, programming and teaching the use of an IBM 1130 mainframe computer system.
  2010, June Clean Needles for Acupuncture Safety, Acupuncture Today June, 2010, Vol. 11, Issue 06
  2005, Winter Chapter 18: Traditional Chinese Medicine: Its Approach to Facial Beauty in Minimally Invasive Techniques of Ocular-Facial Rejuvenation eds. Zilkha & Bosniak, published by Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.
  2002 Oct;70:4-6 Tefillin: An Ancient Acupuncture Point Formula for Mental Clarity, SB Schram, J of Chinese Medicine
  1983 Jun;6(2):67-70 A critique of applications of the euler equation to the human spine, EF Owens, SB Schram, RS Hosek, J Manip Physiol
  1982 Sep;5(3):117-21 Computerized paraspinal skin surface temperature scanning, a technical report, SB Schram, RS Hosek, EF Owens, J Manip Physiol Ther
  1982 Mar;5(1):
Error limitations in X-ray kinematics of the spine, SB Schram and RS Hosek, J Manip Physiol Ther
  1981 Aug;53(8):1195-9 Humic acid fractionation using a nearly linear pH gradient, MA Curtis, AF Witt, SB Schram and LB Rogers, Anal Chem
  1981 Aug;53(8):1235-8 Characterization of micro-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer gels by inverse gel permeation chromatography, DH Freeman and SB Schram, Anal Chem
High voltage paper electrophoresis of organic compounds in aceto-nitrile, MA Tshabalala, SB Schram, FG Gerberich, DW Lowman and LB Rogers, J Chromatgr
  1980 The LDC Basic Book on Liquid Chromatography, SB Schram, Milton Roy Company, St. Petersburg, FL
  1980 Dec. Cervical Manipulation, RS Hosek, SB Schram, HL Silverman and JB Myers, JAMA
  1980 Oct. X-Ray Error Analysis Using Orthogonal Image Techniques, SB Schram, and HL Silverman, ICA
  1980 Mar;3(3):
Characterization of LC stationary phases by inverse size exclusion chromatography, SB Schram and DH Freeman, J Liq Chromatogr
  1979 Nov;51(11):1855-6 Correlation of alkane size with liquid-gel permeation: Gauch conformational isomer effect, DH Freeman and SB Schram, Anal Chem
  1978 Stationary phase characterization and laboratory automation, SB Schram, Doctoral Thesis, University of Maryland
  1978 Sep;50(9):1403-4 Switchboard for experimental and computer networking, SB Schram and DH Freeman, Anal Chem
  Conference Presentations
  2004 Invited Conference Participant - Baruch College Health Day
  1982 World Chiropractic Conference, Venice Italy, Three-dimensional x-ray analysis of pre-post cervical manipulations, SB Schram.
  1981 Biomechanics Conference on the Spine, Use of orthogonal imaging techniques for analysis of cervical movements, SB Schram.
  1980 Biomechanics Conference on the Spine, Analysis of Errors in Three-Dimensional X-Ray Techniques, SB Schram.
  1980 Haldeman Conference of the Spine, Application of Three-Dimensional X-Ray Techniques to the Cervical Region of the Spine, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram, HL Silverman and RS Hosek.
  1980 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Non-Aqueous Electrophoresis of Model Compounds, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram, F Gerberich, DW Lowman and LB Rogers.
  1980 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, LC Stationary Phase Characterizations, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram and DH Freeman.
  1979 National ACS Meeting, Washington, DC, Small Molecule Calibration Using Inverse Gel Permeation Chromatography, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram and DH Freeman.
  1978 Middle Atlantic Regional ACS Meeting, Baltimore, MD., Porosity of Porous Polymers, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram and DH Freeman.
  1976 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Data Logging on Magnetic Tape, Conference Proceedings, SB Schram and DH Freeman.

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